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From the lowest level to the highest level of CD Publications to the most advanced and network-based, the Blu-Ray DVD CD Publishers systems are high-end category duplicators and can be used in fully integrated PC using operating systems, All Pro Solutions has it all integrated/covered!

Disc Publishing Systems consists of automated Olympus Series, standalone and independent CD DVD Blu-Ray Publishers. Network-based systems also contain 2, 4 DVDs, and 7 CD DVDs or Blu-Ray Duplicators, a fully embedded PC using a Windows operating system and state-of-the-art network production software and integrated with inkjet or thermal CD Printers. Like the Zeus Series, the disc capacity ranges from 220 to 900 depending on the selected printer. Users simply add a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the full or powerful Blu-Ray DVD or CD Publishers.

The mid-variety category consists of the Zeus Series automated standalone and networked CD DVD Publishers, configured with 2, 4, or 7 DVD CD or Blu-Ray Duplicators drives and included with inkjet or thermal CD DVD Printers. The Zeus collection structures additionally consist of an embedded PC with Windows 7 and all necessary networking and labeling software programs preinstalled. The disc capacities range from 220 to 900 relying upon the printer selected. Within the Zeus Series, 3 extraordinary production jobs may be run with the identical machine: copy-only DVD CD Duplicators, reproduction, and print CD DVD Publishers, and print-only computerized Printer Autoloaders. Multiple Zeus DVD CD Publishers can exist at the same network and run concurrently for excessive volume CD Duplication wishes!

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