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Female hair loss is a complete turn off because a part of a woman’s beauty lies in her mane. Did you not hear of Rapunzel? Every girl’s dream is to have beautiful hair but the scenario is different these days with a lot of women facing hair fall and even balding. This hairloss monster is gulping a lot of young woman of the society. A woman can lose hair due to reasons like pregnancy, birth control pills, extreme sickness and heredity. With the right and adequate treatment the hair grows back so most of the loss is temporary but it might turn out to be permanent if left untreated.

Coping with hair thinning

Hair thinning is the first sign of hair loss so if you witness, it is best to consult with a doctor who specializes in hair treatments. It’s always best to seek expert advice on how you shall go about the treatment. The market is flooded with various hair loss products. You also need to keep in mind that the hair loss remedy for women differs from that of the men. The one very big reason is that a woman body reacts differently during stress or illness. The pinnacle of hair loss remedies is oral medicines but now you also get products like hair oils, lotions, shampoos for external application.

Female baldness pattern

Signs of female hair loss are an overall hair thinning which is more noticeable at the back. You can see thin and short hair grows back instead of long and healthy hair. The Thinning also appears on the front side mainly near partings. Did you hear of female pattern of baldness? Yes, women too can go bald and it’s known as androgenic alopecia where you notice slow hair thinning in small or large patches. The vulnerable areas of baldness in women are the sides and the top of the head. This is the difference between the male and the female pattern. Hormones are the major cause of baldness in ladies. The imbalance occurs in puberty, during pregnancy or during menopause. Stress and tension has a big impact on the hormones and this cause excessive hair loss.

Preventing the loss

How to curb hair loss in women, a few tips:

  • Do not indulge in hair styling
  • Massage oil in the scalp to get rid of dry skin and to promote blood circulation.
  • Used clinically tested medicines for baldness.
  • Do not apply strain to your hair


There are different types of hair treatment but Propecia and Rogaine are the medicines used in the initial stages. A drug named Allocation and other medicines are available to treat hair loss at young age or after menopause. Advecia and revivogen are the two very effective natural supplements to treat female hair loss. Both the supplements include vitamins, herbs and minerals for growth and there are no side-effects. Apart from doctors, there are also beauty clinics that implement other methods to curb hair loss.


Hair loss can be extremely devastating especially for women. Think about using herbal and natural products also including home remedies. Discuss with your physician and beautician and do the needful without delay.

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