Steven Teri

Business Administration in Procurement

Category : Business Management, Procurement
Experience : NA
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General Information

Employment: Full-Time,Office-Work,Remote-Work,Field-Work

Salary: Negotiable

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Location: Africa, Tanzania

Nationality: Tanzania

Desired Location: Africa , Tanzania

Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Gender: Male

Age: 27 Yrs


About Person

I have a range of relevant skills and experience that fit the position you described, including:
• Work experience in Medical Stores Department Iringa Zonal Department (Field Attachment). Collecting data from individual establishments in Iringa health centres. Conducting interviews and focus group discussions as part of research. Analyzing composition and activities of Medical Stores Department in Iringa. Conducting warehouse activates and sales management of medical supplies. Getting marketing information of the health centers. Providing administrative support to ERP 'Enterprise Resource Planning' research staff
• Have computer skills awarded International Computer Driving License ‘ICDL’ Certificate. I have learnt procurement pa