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Would you like to join our Feed Safety research group
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Norge, Vestland, Bergen
4 okt 2020

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Job description

Feed Safety Research Group at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway has an immediate opening for a temporary 3-year Postdoctoral fellow position in Physiological-based Kinetic modelling (PBK). The position is connected to the project Screening pesticides - In silico prediction models in salmon feed and food safety risk assessment.

The Project

In order to protect animal health and consumer safety, the European Union has set maximum residue levels for undesirables in feed ingredients and food from animal origin. Physiological-Based Kinetic (PBK) transfer modelling of contaminants from feed to animal food products is an essential component for harmonization of legislation of undesirables throughout the food production chain.

In close co-operation with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands, a PBK salmon model has been established at the IMR which has been shown to predict the transfer and metabolization of a variety of undesirables (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, synthetic antioxidants, and persistent organic pollutants) throughout an entire seawater production cycle of farmed salmon. The referred project aims to develop a generic in silico feed-to-fillet salmon transfer PBK model for feed contaminants by merging in silico methods with existing in vivo PBK salmon models.

The Research group

The Feed Safety Research Group is an international group consisting of 18 employees; professors, senior researchers, post docs and PhD students with scientific background mainly in toxicology or analytical chemistry. Our scientific production centers around effects of anthropogenic activity such as aquaculture or oil industry, including contaminants in the feed and food chain.

Main tasks

The candidate's main tasks will be to contribute to the development and optimization of

  • developing a generic in silico feed-to-fillet transfer model based on existing in vivo PBK salmon models by implementation of QSAR model parametrization (and in vitro established parameters)
  • translating existing in vivo PBK models into a user friendly R-version, such as a webtool, to make them more widely available

The candidate will assume an active role in publishing results in international peer-reviewed journals.

Qualification requirements

The candidate must hold a PhD degree in a subject relevant to the call such as bioinformatics, data science, or toxicology/toxicokinetics. The candidate's formal education needs to be recognized as equivalent to Norwegian higher education according to NOKUT's criteria for general recognition of foreign higher education. Has the degree not yet been acquired, the candidate has to show proof that the PhD thesis was submitted before the application deadline of this advertisment.

High Proficiency in both written and oral English is required. The working language at the IMR is Norwegian, and good communication skills in Norwegian will be beneficial for both the applicant and the IMR. Sufficient progression in learning to speak and write Norwegian is expected during the first two years of employment. If necessary, language training will be offered and costs incurred will be reimbursed based upon completion of the language courses.

Desirable competencies

Proof of analytical and computational skills is an advantage. Moreover, fundamental knowledge of biochemistry, data analysis, mathematical modelling and programming skills, preferentially R or MATLAB, is an advantage.

The candidate should be able and willing to travel to the Netherlands for RIVM consultancy.

Personal skills

At the IMR we believe that personality affects how we work, communicate and thrive in the work place. For this position we are interested in candidates who

  • work in a result-oriented, accurat and structured manner

  • are able to practice clear and thoughtful communication

  • contribute to a friendly, collaborative environment

We offer

  • the opportunity to work in one of Europe's leading marine research institutions
  • a challenging and creative work environment
  • flexible work hours
  • public sector occupational pension through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Funds
  • welfare benefits

Please enclose the following with your application

  • A short statement of your research interests and motivation for applying for this position, no more than one A4 page
  • A CV summarizing education, previous positions and other qualifying activity
  • Copies of exam and degree certificates
  • Other relevant certificates
  • A complete list of scientific publications
  • Full name, e-mail address and phone number of 2-3 references. You references should be supervisors from your PhD and previous positions

Inclusion and Diversity, and Affirmative Action

The Institute of Marine Research value diversity. Therefore, we welcome all qualified candidates to apply for the position, regardless of age, gender, functional ability, nationality or ethnical background. We are an Inclusive Working Life Enterprise, and we aim to facilitate for applicants with disabilities.

Upon receiving applications from candidates with reduced abilities, gaps in CV or immigrant background, we will invite at least one qualified candidate from each category to an interview. In order to be considered for affirmative action, certain requirements should be met. Please read more here.

If you wish to be considered for affirmative action, please specify when submitting your application.

Additional information

The Institute offers a governmentally regulated salary as 0000 TITLE, an excellent pension scheme through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, and other welfare benefits.

Your application must be sent electronically through Jobb Norge. Please upload all relevant documents when applying.

Please note that information about applicants may be made public even if an applicant has requested to be exempted from the list of applicants. Applicants will be notified about this in advance.

For more information, please contact Senior Scientist Dr. Marc H.G. Berntssen by

Phone: +47 903 62 898

E-mail: Marc.Berntssen@hi.no

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The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is one of the largest research institutes of its kind in Europe, with approximately 1,000 employees and a wide range of research facilities and laboratories of high international standard. Our main activities are research, advisory work and monitoring. The IMR owns and operates six research vessels. Our main offices are in Bergen, and we have a department in Tromsø, and research stations in Matre, Austevoll and Flødevigen.

The IMR's aim is to be a leading supplier of knowledge relating to the sustainable management of the resources in our marine ecosystems, both nationally and internationally, and the whole food chain from the sea to the table. This includes the marine environment, fish nutrition, and safe and nutritious sea food.

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